Save Up To £95 With T-Mobile's Blackberry PAYG Internet Offer

From the 1st of May 2009, you will be able to buy the Pearl 8110 smartphone with a prepay data + email package from T-Mobile worth £60 on its own, for only £179.

Bear in mind though that this includes you unlimited internet and email for only the first year. Afterwards users will have to spend at least £5 per year on Web-n-walk to get the same. T-Mobile doesn't offer an apple-to-apple comparison should you want to assess how much their Mobile email servic costs.

Their cheapest mobile email offer - on Windows - will cost you £15 per month with 100MB allowance. If you plan to go the Blackberry route, it will cost you £456 to get the Blackberry Pearl, 100 minutes and 200 texts and the web-n-walk package for 18 months.

Other networks fared worse. Orange sells the Blackberry Pearl 8120 for £165 including a £20 top up credit. They do not offer internet access on their PAYG contracts and instead you have to subscribe to their Panther 40 offer to get 1200 minutes and 500 texts for £34.25 on a 24 month contract.

Vodafone does not offer any PAYG Blackberry's but they offer 600 minutes and unlimited texts for £35 a month on an 18 months contract.

O2 is the only one of the network providers to offer a similar deal to T-Mobile's although it ends up being more expensive at nearly £275, that's £95 more than T-Mobile. (Blackberry Pearl 8110 Blue and Blackberry for 1 user on a 12 month contract).

Three does not offer any Blackberry on a PAYG but it sells the Blackberry bold with unlimited internet and Blackberry email for a mere £25 per month with 500 minutes and unlimited texts.

That's £10 per month over 18 months, compared to the T-Mobile offer and might turn out to be more advantageous for some.