BT Starts UK Cheapest UK Home and Mobile Broadband Package

Telecom behemoth BT has debuted what it claims is UK's most affordable mobile and home broadband package for as little as £17.12 a month, the same as some competitors would charge for a mobile broadband connection.

Home Users can expect to get a 8Mbps broadband line at home and up to 7.2Mbps over Vodafone's HSDPA network when they are not covered by the wireless broadband router. The wireless dongle will switch to 3G network if needed, which BT claims, covers 80 percent of UK territory.

The dongle is currently compatible with PC only for now although a Mac version should come out fairly soon. Broadband users will get only 1GB of data allowance per month over a period of 18 months - the duration of the contract - which is worth £180 by itself.

Customers going for the BT Total Broadband Option 1 will cost £308.08 (or £17.12 per month) including a £49.99 charge for the dongle, to which you should add the cost of the BT phone line (£11.25 per month). The offer ends on the 28th of July 2009.

Interestingly, users can buy the stand alone mobile broadband dongle for £130 with 18GB worth of data transfer credit loaded, to be used over 18 month. There are a number of issues though, you won't be able to carry over unused data and customers must buy additional data if the free data allowance is used up.

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Our Comments

BT Broadband customers will also be able to use BT's extended network of WiFi hotspots with more than 400,000 hotspots worldwide. BT's £130 for 1GB data alloance per month (equivalent to £7.22) is a great deal provided you can fork out £130 in the first place. Three sold its broadband starter kit with 12GB worth of download credits for only £78 but it is out of stock at most retailers.

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