Dell Launches The XPS 435 Gaming Rig

Dell has debuted the XPS 435, a new gaming machine that is set to replace XPS 420 desktop PC, with a starting price of £1699 including VAT and delivery.

The new flagship gaming PC comes with Intel's new Core i7 processor with fast DDR3 tri-channel memory, an ATI graphics card as well as Windows Vista SP1 Home Premium and one year premium warranty support.

The entry level model comes with a 2.9GHz processor, 6GB DDR3 memory, a 512MB ATI Radeon 4850 graphics card and a 750GB hard disk drive plus a DVD writer.

Other features include 3 USB ports, a 15-in-1 media card reader and an infrared receiver. The case provides with bucket loads of expandability and there's even a media tray to allow you to dock your media players.

It is however, the expandability of the XPS 435 that sets it apart from the rest. You can swap the DVD writer for a Blu-ray player, opt for a faster processor, increase the internal storage space to 4.5TB and upgrade the onboard memory to 24GB.

Now bear in mind though that the XPS 435 is not Dell's fastest desktop gaming rig. Actually, according to Dell, it is not even being sold as a gaming rig. Instead, the XPS is Dell's premier desktop PCs are designed for performance, include distinctive design and premium materials.

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If you really want a scorchingly fast gaming rig, you might want to go for the XPS 630 from Dell, which is a proper gaming machine with a blu-ray drive and a single 1GB DDR3 nVidia GeForce GTX285 graphics card. All for cheaper than the XPS 435. We will come up shortly with a list of potential rivals to the XPS 435 including Dell's own Alienware brand.

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