GigaByte 1 Gig 9600GT Motherboard

These days with our economy being in shambles, people are spending their hard earned money a bit more wisely.

By making small sacrifices on aspects we did not normally do. So it is natural for us to spend less on our computers, especially when it is time for us to upgrade our computers.

The question we ask ourselves what do we need, and what do we not need? Where can we, as a consumer cut corners on our computer upgrade's but still give us playability with out sacrificing to much on visual as well as capabilities we will need from our computers?

Gigabyte, has put together a video card that not only plays today's most demanding games, this video card comes with a price tag that is very well rounded.

Lets step inside the 9600GT 1 gig memory video card and find out how this little beast performs under one of the most grueling testing ways I could think of.

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