Internet To "Suffer From Brownouts" From 2012 Says Report

The global supply on internet bandwidth could soon be outstripped by demand, which is growing at 60 percent per annum, according to US-based technology think tank Nemertes Research.

it is not the first time that the company is saying that the Internet will be gridlocked. Back in November 2007, it published a similar report which said that the net would run out of capacity next year.

In another damning report, the analyst firm says that consumer demand for resource hungry bandwidth applications like Youtube or iPlayer could well cause laptops and PCs (not forgetting smartphones and netbooks as well) to slow down dramatically by 2012.

Ted Ritter, from Nemertes, told The Times that "With more people working or looking for work from home, or using their PCs more for cheap entertainment, demand could double in 2009".

The analyst firm used the expression brownouts, which Wikipedia describes as "a drop in voltage in an electrical power supply, so named because it typically causes lights to dim" to describe the experience that many users might experience soon, making the whole internet become like "an unreliable toy".

Broadband companies on both sides of the Atlantic have been massively investing capital to upgrade their networks. The Americans inject around $40 billion each year while in the UK, BT has been busy porting some of its network to cable to accommodate for future growth, as part of its 20CN project.

The document also claims that using the internet for business purposes could well become near impossible in the future as the world gorges on the successors to Susan Boyle and the antics of "Coke and Menthos" fans.

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Our Comments

Do you really think that the web will go down? Surely not, there is too much at stake for it to happen. At worse, you can expect ISPs to start putting up obstacles like traffic shaping or bandwidth management solutions. The US has already thought of implementing a tiered internet, though the so-called Net neutrality programme.

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