Touchscreen Mobile Phone With Integrated Razor Goes On Sale For £57

This one brought a smile on our cleanly-shaven face and should put the Motorola Razr to shame; the Rong Zun 758 Razor Phone is a £57 touchscreen smartphone that comes with an integrated shaver.

The phone, which looks like a Nokia N95 candybar handset, comes with a "Phillips energy-efficient shaver included for your convenience with a replaceable cutter blade".

At 128g, it is not that heavy and although it is not a 3G model, users will enjoy its huge 3.5-inch touchscreen display - similar in size to the Apple iPhone 3G. The 758 also sports two SIM slots and dual network standby.

This quadband GSM model supports up to 4GB via its microSD card and it comes with a 256MB card by default. The camera though is slightly crappy since it supports only 640x480 pixel, a far cry from the entry level 3.2-megapixel you will find on most phones.

Furthermore, it integrates one speaker, a FM radio, Bluetooth v2.0 and two 800mAH Lithium Ion batteries. Other accessories include a USB data cable, a stylus and a earphone headset.

Grab it here for a shade under £57 although you should be able to "shave" a few pennies off the price if you were to buy more than three.

Get this gorgeous phone from Hong-kong based website DealExtreme for £57 including free delivery. We're now working for the waterproof version to appear on the market.