Virgin Media To Educate Britons Through Broadband Schools

Broadband provider Virgin Media has put forward plans to set up free broadband schools across Britain in order to help novices understand technology jargon associated with broadband.

The decision - which was announced by Sir Richard Branson - follows up on a study of 3000 internet users which has revealed that the majority of Britons are actually baffled by some common broadband terms including those associated with speed and security.

People from Belfast and Birmingham came at the bottom of the table of cities and towns where the "internet knowledge" survey was carried out; London fared only marginally better than the pair.

The survey found out that one fifth of online users don't even know what broadband means while more than half thought that a phone line is actually essential to get broadband internet.

More puzzling is the fact that 8 percent of those polled thought that Blu-ray was a type of broadband and a similar proportion believed that Meg actually referred to the term megapixel while half of the respondents were left confused by the term itself.

More worryingly though, nearly half of users did not know what an niternet browser was while one in three said they will not download anything because it might compromise their PC's security.

Virgin Head Supremo, Sir Richard Branson, said that "At Virgin Media we want everyone to feel comfortable asking questions, no matter how silly they think they are, so that they can get the most out of their internet service and enjoy everything the internet has to offer."

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Our Comments

You can bet that Virgin Media will be using those broadband schools to hammer down the belief that cable broadband is better than ADSL - that's fair play though. The survey it seems, did not uncover more about security habits of the everyday internet user and it would have also been interesting to find out more about mobile internet, something that Virgin Media has been keen to push lately.

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