Amazon Targets iPhone Platform With Stanza Acquisition

E-commerce bellwether Amazon has snapped up a small start up firm Lexcycle Inc., a company known for its Stanza e-book reading application for iPhone, for an undisclosed sum.

Stanza has been a prominent iPhone application that allows users to read e-books in a variety of formats, including Adobe PDF, EPUB, and XML-based standard format. The acquisition will enable Amazon to add EPUB support for its signature Kindle e-book reader device.

Since Amazon has already unleashed Kindle application for iPhone of late, the features of Lexcycle’s Stanza application would allow the company to offer its readers a wide range of choices in terms of formats in which they wish to access e-books and other e-reading content.

Settling the concerns that the acquisition would change Stanza application, Amazon announced that it wouldn’t be bringing any modifications in Stanza at all, instead, it’s looking forward to offering future products and services using the capabilities of the application.

Commenting upon the significance of the move, Amazon’s spokeswoman Cinthia Portugal said in a statement, “It's very early days for e-books, and we believe there is a lot of innovation ahead of us. Lexcycle is a smart, innovative company, and we look forward to working with them to innovate on behalf of readers”.

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Our Comments

Amazon is doing a "Google" by acquiring an eBook application for the iPhone platform. By doing so, it is making sure, just like the search engine giant, that it will be covering all bases including its competitors. Earlier this book, Amazon had released a free Kindle e-book reader for the iPhone platform earlier in April 2009. It is likely that Amazon will use acquisition to leverage the Kindle brand.

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