Android Where Are You, I Know You Are Out There

I’m reliably told that there are many manufacturers working on many Android devices (ed : Samsung launched the i7500 smartphone yesterday).

Meander around the blogs and someone will mention Motorola, another will be Asus or Sony Ericsson or a zillion other companies who think they should release a mobile phone and haven’t.

Yet when it comes down to it we still only have the G1 (T-Mobile) and the forthcoming, keyboard less, HTC Magic (Vodafone). Whilst Apple could get away with this because, well it’s Apple, and the handset is so plain nice. Android has the G1, which isn’t.

Earlier this year new Symbian handsets from LG, Sony Ericsson and Samsung were announced with advanced cameras and new screen technologies that even put Nokia to shame. Further handsets are likely as soon as the Symbian Foundation sorts itself out.

Yet none of the major manufacturers have officially announced an Android handset for 2009. There is an exciting future for Android, everyone tells me there is, but just when will it start?