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Apple Has Much To Crow About At The Moment

From a disappointing start in Europe, the iPhone has metamorphosed into the most spectacularly successful and design icon.

More than just a mobile phone, it has transformed an industry mired in big worthy companies releasing the creative talent of many people who could never imagine selling direct to the public.

Apple’s AppStore, with a billion downloads so far and growing 5 million a day, has created a new market for application snacking giving the designers an income and lifestyle they once could only dream off. Apple’s competitors are finding it far tougher.

Nokia’s answer to Apple’s AppStore is still not here, Android’s is languishing from lack of a decent handset and Microsoft eponymous user interface will not receive the radical overhaul it needs until 2010. Yet the iPhone is not without its problems.

Designed in the US where customers don’t seem to care about features, the rest of the world sure does. Look at the mobile videos coming out from the G20 conference in London. Forget it if you have an iPhone it’s just wasn’t possible. Want to send a photo to a friend, forget that there’s no MMS.

Visit a Flash web site, who hasn’t these days, no problem unless you’re an iPhone user. Stream music and write an email. Not a chance. The list goes on. Sure some of these will disappear with the next release of the iPhone’s OS, but many will remain.

Yet with the current handset still much in demand and a new iPhone predicted for later this year, who will bet against Apple dominating mobile for a good few years yet.