David Blunkett Calls For London Olympics To Be Protected Against Cyber Attacks

The upcoming 2012 Olympic Games in London could be disrupted by some serious cyber intrusions unless the UK government takes prompt action to beef up the country’s cyber defence capabilities, according to former Home Secretary David Blunkett.

Mr Blunkett asserted that cybercriminals could breach the country’s computer and communications systems inflicting a “complete meltdown”. However, he noted that such attacks could prove to be “devastating” but these could be avoided by using mitigation measures adequately.

The Labour MP will address the Infosec annual security conference today at London’s Earls Court, in which he will reportedly target the vulnerability of UK’s communications and computer systems, highlighting the government’s “woeful level of awareness” of potential technology threats, according to sources.

Citing the gravity of such disrupting cyber attacks, the former Home Secretary will say, “Such criminals could target a whole range of visitor requirements - from ticketing, transportation and the crucial area of hotel and other bookings, which would severely disrupt, or even wipe out, accommodation reservations”.

In addition to this, he will call for a collaborative approach, which will include joint efforts from the government and security industry, to fend off the potential cyber threats.

Furthermore, Mr Blunkett also cited the Olympics as the perfect opportunity for the government to ramp up the country’s cybersecurity and will notify that the cyberattacks should be considered alongside “chemical, biological and radiological threats” as the prominent threats to national security.

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Our Comments

Viviane Reding, the European Union commissioner for information technology called for a Cybercop for EU countries to be named. As a former Home Secretary, David Blunkett is well placed to know what the risks and threats are and where they are.

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