European Commission Calls For "Cyber Cop"

The surge in cyberattacks against governments in the past few years has compelled the European Commission to call for a European "cyber cop" to overview the defense of critical network infrastructure.

In a frank statement, the European Union commissioner for information technology, Viviane Reding, declared that "Cyber attacks have become a tool in the hands of organised crime, a means of blackmailing companies and organisations."

She also added that each hour of downtime in Europe and the US in key internet sectors like air and road traffic control systems could cost at least £13.5 million to the economy.

In the past few years, rogue elements that security experts claims had links with Russia, attacked the public computer networks of Estonia, Georgia and Lithuania bringing them to a halt and causing major disruptions in their day to day running.

Her call for a Security Star coincide with her desire to see the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) be given a much more powerful role, which could put it on par with the US equivalent of the National Security Agency.

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Our Comments

It is important for European Governments to come up with a completely fool proof virtual iron curtain that will allow them to withstand the full force of government-backed hackers or other criminal organisations which might be looking to blackmail organisations or firms in Europe. They not only come from Eastern European countries but increasingly as well from China.

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