iPhone Musician Set To Perform At Wembley Stadium

Taking music gigs to an entirely innovative and exciting level, singer and songwriter Gary Go will be using his iPhone instead of music instruments, like guitars and drums, to perform in music show at Wembley Stadium.

Mr Go, real name Gary Barker, has reportedly written many tracks for his debut album using software downloaded on his iPhone device, and he used the iPhone to recreate guitars, piano, horn sections, and drums. Incidentally, all the demos for his upcoming music album were recorded using a virtual four track studio application installed on his iPhone.

“For songwriters it's an amazing tool as I always have it with me”, Go said, “I think it's pretty amazing that I'm going to be using a mobile phone on stage at Wembley Stadium in front of so many people”. He further said his biggest concern is that his phone could ring in the middle of the show.

Go appreciated iPhone as an amazing tool for the musicians and songwriters and he always carry the device with him. The singer will be demonstrating how he wrote a song, named ‘Superfuture’, using iPhone apps at the Apple Store on Regent Street today at 7pm

The 24-year old singer will be playing Wembley Stadium in support of Take That on 1st, 4th, and 5th July.

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Our Comments

The Gig highlights the possibilities offered by the iPhone as a very potent platform. Being able to produce professional music capable of entertaining a stadium full of fans is not something to be sniffed at. Other phone manufacturers will certainly be worried that the iPhone has set its standards so high already without Microsoft or Google being able to respond with a half decent attempt to rival the iPhone.

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