Selfridges Gets £1000 Exclusive Yellow Blackberry Bold Smartphones

Commemorating its centenary, upmarket department store Selfridges has commissioned Research in Motion (RIM) to create ten special limited edition Blackberry devices using the store’s trademark yellow colour.

The back of these special edition devices, each numbered through one to ten, will be painted in its trademark pantone 109 yellow colour, or somewhat bright yellow colour in case you’re not familiar with colour mixing charts.

This rarity comes with a hefty price tag worth £1,000 each, as the back of this crafted device will sport leather cover, instead of plastic or metal covers, with its proud owners would also get the VIP support with the device.

Although the price-tag seems to be quite unfriendly in current economic environments, but then it’s a rare device that is not for the masses. If you really want this swanky device to slide into your pocket, you’d have to hurry, as only ten such handsets would be there in the London Selfridges store.

In addition to this, the department store is also urging other brands to design limited edition products to mark the 100th birthday of this elite store.

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Our Comments

Don't really understand why Selfridges would go to such lengths to get 10 yellow smartphones worth a grand each. Sure it will be a way to celebrate the store's 100th birthday, but they could well have given a 5 percent discount instead to all purchases above £100. That would surely have been much better.

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