Spotify Now Has One Million UK Subscribers

Spotify has reached a major milestone, revealing that it reached one million registered user during the weekend in just a few weeks.

The free music streaming website allowed users to register back in February 2009 and reached one million users in the 7 territories where it operates one month after it started to offer its free subscription without requesting an invite from a friend.

28 new users sign up every minute to Spotify - that's 280,000 listeners every month - with half of that coming from the UK. Spotify has declined to reveal what proportion of users actually pay for the service.

It charges £9.99 per month to get an ad-free version of the service and in the past few weeks, we have noticed that Spotify has increased the frequency of adverts on its free version.

Paul Brown, the managing director for Spotify UK and former Pandora exec, told Paidcontent that they "are at the beginning of this - we've got some very good ad sales people in our UK office, they know what they're doing and the company knows what it's doing."

Spotify currently have more than 2.7 million tracks available for users and has already hinted at diversifying its service. It is already partnering with 7Digital to sell music tracks and according to Mediaguardian, could well explore partnerships with other similar organisations.

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Our Comments

Spotify won't say how many paid users it has. It won't say what kind of license and agreement it has struck with the music industry and how it is expecting to reach profitability. Maybe Spotify is merely a Trojan horse for the music industry against piracy. This or Spotify could very well hit the wall soon and become another Spiral Frog if the music industry decides to squeeze it till death

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