T-Mobile Rolls Out High Speed Broadband On Virgin Trains

In a bid to offer seamless internet connectivity to users while travelling, T-Mobile has joined forces with Virgin Trains to place its HotSpot service onto Pendolino Virgin trains.

The network vows to provide high speed internet connectivity throughout the West Coast line even in tunnel sections, and the initial rollout of the Wi-Fi service would include 52 trains. T-Mobile, in conjunction with Nomad Digital, already offers Wi-Fi connectivity on Heathrow express services and on London to Brighton Southern track.

However, this on-board Wi-Fi service comes with a notable price-tag, except for the First Class passengers, who can access the service for free, whereas other passengers could buy the HotSpot passes online using their Wi-Fi enabled devices. The service would charge £5 for one hour, while passengers could also buy a 24 hour pass for £10.

The new service would also be free for T-Mobile Mobile Broadband pay monthly users, who have unlimited HotSpot access bundled with broadband their plans.

Quoting the same, T-Mobile UK chief of entertainment and internet Richard Warmsley mentioned, “This provides a unique solution on-board Virgin Trains, at no extra cost to our pay monthly Mobile Broadband customers, and available to everyone, whatever mobile phone network they use”.

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Our Comments

The deal would be particularly attractive for those who use the train a lot. Mobile broadband plus from T-Mobile for example provides you with free WiFi Hotspot access as wll as a 3GB fair use amount from T-Mobile. Now a 2-hour trip on the train would cost you £10 by itself, which means that if you are using the train once every month, you'd be quids in.

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