Top 10 Most Confusing Technological Terms Revealed By Tech Helpline

Despite the extensive use of modern technological devices in UK, a number of technological words are quite perplexing for UK users leaving them scratching their heads, a recent survey revealed.

A survey of more than 5,000 users, conducted by Gadget Helpline, revealed Top 10 most confusing technological terms, which included some of the commonly heard terms like ‘WAP’, ‘dongle’, and ‘cookie’. Other technological terms that made it to the top 10 list are - Phone Jack, Navi Key (Nokia), Time Shifting, Digital TV, Ethernet, PC Suite and Desktop.

Citing the overall confusion about these technology-related expressions, the firm has called for using simplistic language to help people understand the technology better. It further received the backing of the Plain English Campaign, who insisted that this would assist bring down the "walls of techno-babble".

Peter Griffith, the campaign secretary for the Plain English Campaign, maintained that there were ways to make things a lot easier for the users to help them understand modern technology.

“If changing the name isn't an option then a glossary of terms would work. Not only does it explain the language, but it's a nice way of learning for people who don't have such a good grasp of the language”, he said.

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Our Comments

The publication of this survey coincides with Sir Richard Branson's plans to launch broadband schools across UK to familiarise novices with tech terms. It is great to see that Gadget Helpline has received the backing of Plain English campaign, but it is unlikely to cause a massive change in the way technology terms are coined.

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