Android Cupcake 1.5 Set To Reach G1 Smartphone In May

T-Mobile has finally brought upon the much-awaited update to its Android powered G1 handset, bringing host of new features such as onscreen keyboard and ability to record a video and upload it directly on YouTube.

The new Android 1.5 update, also referred to as ‘Cupcake’, has already gone live, and it will be available to G1 owners as an automatic download delivered to their handsets sometime during the next month, the company said.

The new G1 update includes a variety of new features and other improvements, including speech recognition technology, “live” folders, home screen widget and a new touchscreen keyboard.

Furthermore, other features include an enhanced acquisition of GPS location with the handset, along with user interface improvements for various applications, such as web browser, the email client, calendar and contacts.

It also enables users to access their Google Talk status of contacts in different messaging applications. In addition to this, the update also vows to offer better browsing experience with an improved webkit and JavaScript engine.

The network operator further announced that it is planning to launch another Android handset on its network in this year. Mentioning the same, T-Mobile’s chief for internet and entertainment Richard Warmsley said, “We are looking forward to launching another ground-breaking phone on Android later this year”.

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Our Comments

Cupcake will reach the G1 Android around one month before the iPhone version 3 is expected to hit the market. It does bring some welcomed improvements to the platform. But these are only minor ones and unlikely to sustain the comparison with an iPhone lite let alone a full-fledged version of the phone. Users will only find solace in a completely new Android phone.

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