ASUS Rampage II GENE Motherboard

ImageAfter Rampage II Extreme motherboard ASUS engineers couldn’t sit still and they surprised us with another top-quality motherboard but in many senses completely different from its predecessor.

Since high-class users and overclockers were “covered” by Extreme edition this time ASUS created something very different: motherboard in microATX format. Before this motherboard, microATX format was reserved for motherboards with very limited features that were used as base for brand configurations.

ASUS with Rampage II GENE is changing this perception of microATX format.

Packaging is just slightly larger than motherboard itself. All additional accessories are located on a lower level, below motherboard.

We found in the package: DVD (software and drivers), manual, stickers, pack plate, 4 SATA and one PATA cable, SLI bridge and LCD Poster (standard accessory for ROG motherboards).

New motherboard is designed in more traditional way, without flashing logos and similar stuff. Only “bling” elements on this motherboard are LE diodes located beside all vital elements that display voltage settings for particular component – also standard for ROG products.

Green LED means that voltage is nominal or slightly elevated, yellow is next step and everything will be ok if adequate cooling is supplied, while red LED is reserved for extreme voltage values.

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