Firefox 3.5 Beta Now Available For Download

Mozilla Corp. on Tuesday unleashed fourth beta to its signature Firefox 3.5, formerly referred to as Firefox 3.1, promising considerable improvements in its performance, speed as well as web compatibility.

The earlier betas of the web browser had been codenamed 3.1, but Mozilla decided to switch to version 3.5 naming after saying that the changes introduced in it were more significant than it envisioned previously.

Mozilla has already cited the fourth beta as the last one, with more refined release candidates will be launched before introducing the final version of the web browser.

Available for Windows, Mac and Linux users, the new beta includes host of new features and improvements, including enhanced tools for controlling private data, involving Private Browsing Mode, feature to offer “Location Aware Browsing” through web standards for geolocation, as well as better stability with TraceMonkey.

Touting the significance of the new beta, the firm said in a statement, “This milestone is focused on testing the core functionality provided by many new features and changes to the platform scheduled for Firefox 3.5”.

However, the company warned that the fourth beta is intended for testing purposes only and users should go through the release notes thoroughly before downloading it.

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Our Comments

Firefox 3.5 is one more stepping stone towards the open source browser's domination of the market. This version allowed it to catch up with the likes of Chrome and Internet Explorer 8. FF will almost certainly leapfrog them all with version 3.6 which you can always download here. Use with caution and at your own risks though.

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