Sky Launches Green Button For Adverts

Broadcasting giant Sky has spruced up the offerings of its on-demand television service by adding a new green button functionality, which allows users to access extended adverts that appeal them the most.

The green button, which currently enables viewers to set programme reminders and will sit alongside its current red button service, will now allow viewers to watch the extended versions of ads, search out more about the specific product, along with accessing related behind-the-scenes clips.

The move could help advertisers to interact with their potential customers better by creating “mini-episodes” of their products and services, including the renowned ad campaign characters, or create exclusive footages on how that particular ad was made.

The duration of such episode advertising could range from a few minutes to several hours, allowing the advertisers to even opt for series linking of their ad content. Each piece of the ad content will be made available to subscribers via Sky set-top boxes twice a day.

Unlike red button, which allows viewers to access content on request, the green button would require advertisers to book a certain time slot to show their advertisements.

Initially, the new service will include ads from T-Mobile and Warner Bros., who will show footage of its forthcoming blockbuster Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

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Our Comments

Every little helps we guess. The adverts could soon become as interesting as DVD bonus bits but the green button will be useless if users do not have a PVR for example which will allow users to jump to and fro programmes without having to lose a single second. Another aspect that might come under fire is the cost of producing these mini movies as well as the actual return on investment.

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