T-Mobile G1 Android Phone UK Sales Reach 100,000

T-Mobile UK has announced that it has sold 100,000 Android mobile phones, also known as the HTC G1 Dream, since the device was released 6 months ago.

The mobile phone network says that the sales of the phones had outstripped sales of other T-Mobile handsets in the UK apparently. There was also an official confirmation that T-Mobile will definitely be releasing a second smartphone based on the Android platform.

This can either mean that the HTC Magic that Vodafone is launching, will lose its exclusivity later this year or that HTC will be launching a third Android phone for its T-Mobile friends or that the network will get another supplier - may be Samsung with its I7500.

T-Mobile US announced that it sold 1m G1 since launch, which would have put the total global sales of G1 at around 1.3 million, given the fact that it is on sale in more than 12 countries. HTC revised its 2008 sales forecast up to 1 million units sold in November while Morgan Stanley estimated that only 300,000 G1 had been sold.

In comparison, Apple took around 11 weeks to sell more than 1.1million 1st generation iPhone while the second version took less than 80 hours to reach that figure.

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Our Comments

T-Mobile doesn't have a potent competitor to the iPhone 3G and will desperately need another phone to replace the ageing T-Mobile G1. The firm has been pushing the G1 hard ever since it staged a massive marketing demo in Liverpool train station and used it in almost all its adverts. The G1 still have a premium slot on T-mobile's website, which means that overall, one could even say that sales have been unexceptional.

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