University Of Aberdeen Receives £12m Funding For Digital Research

In a move aimed at improving the lives of rural communities through the use of digital technology, a sum of over £12m has been allocated to University of Aberdeen for undertaking research in developing advanced digital technology for harnessing the economic potential in rural areas.

The funds have been made available from the Digital Economy Programme run by the Research Councils UK(RCUK) and researchers are expected to focus on developing technology tailored to benefit disabled people and elderly people living in rural communities.

In addition one of the key focus areas that researchers in University of Aberdeen are looking at relates to developing technology that will assist mountaineers in dealing with medical issues they encounter.

Expressing his enthusiasm over the development, Prof C. Duncan Rice, vice-chancellor of the University of Aberdeen, mentioned that the grant will make it possible for experts from various disciplines to get together and take advantage of the speedily advancing digital technology to provide a host of economic and health benefits in the rural areas.

He also went to add that “this will not only harness economic potential but also change in very practical ways the lives of millions of people across the UK and beyond."

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Our Comments

Rural areas are often left behind as technology advances on. Whether it comes to the P&P you will pay when ordering items online or when it comes to the broadband speed customers can expect, urban areas always have the upper hands. It is therefore encouraging to see that schemes exist to propagate technology in less-pipulated areas.

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