Acer Working On An Android Smartphone?

Acer has confirmed that it is working on "several" different devices that uses Google's open source Android platform and that includes a smartphone that is set to be launched later this year.

Acer's president and CEO Gianfranco Lanci commented at an investor's conference that the entire industry is looking at Android and that Acer was testing Android on a lot of different solutions including a smartphone.

He ruled out the possibility of an Android-based Acer netbook in the near future. He added that Android is very very good for communication and web access, which means that it made more sense to get smartphone running on Android than a Netbook.

T-Mobile has confirmed that it sold one million Android handsets since launch, six months ago, this is a fraction of what Apple has achieved over the same period and represents the number of Nokia 5800 XM the Finnish company sells monthly.

That said Google Android is getting traction and for the first time, a top-three manufacturer, Samsung, has announced a new Android-based mobile phone, the I7500. Acer has already released a number of smartphones based around Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system.

HTC, Far East One, Samsung and Motorola have so far been the only mobile companies which have announced Android Smartphones. Sony Ericsson has confirmed that it is working on one although no release dates have been given.

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Our Comments

Getting a netbook to run Android software is not as difficult as some would tend us to think. The first Android smartphone, the G1, to some extent, is a mini netbook. So it would only be a matter of increasing the size of the keyboard and the screen, keeping everything else constant. Such a netbook can be built quite easily and would certainly cost less than the £299 most netbooks sell for.

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