IT Skills To Become As Essential As Reading And Writing

Primary school children could be taught how to use computers from the age of 4 as ICT becomes as important as children's basic grasp of arithmetic, reading and writing.

A review published by former Ofsted chief Jim Rose recommends that pupils should be computer literate since a young age and that Information Communication and Technology should become one of the pillars in the primary school curriculum.

The draft version of the plans were seen last month by the Guardian and it seems that micro-blogging website, Twitter, which was mentioned back then has been remoevd altogether.

We were not big fans of mixing Twitter and UK's primary school curriculum in the first place anyway.

The recommendations could well become part of the government strategy as Schools Secretary Ed Balls has already signalled that he will be taking Sir Jim's suggestions onboard.

Schoolchildren will be expected to use websites like search engine, Google Earth as well as Wikipedia which would also spell the need for extra training for the teachers to keep them one step ahead of their "computer-savvy" pupils.

Before students reach their 11th birthday, they could be expected to learn how to use keyboards and spell checker as well as inserting hyperlinks (and understand what URLs mean).

ICT in general is expected to become part and parcel of the education system as tools and will help eliminating the risk of a digital underclass of people who lack the necessary basic IT skills to get a proper job.

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Our Comments

Over the past 10 years, the government has invested massively in education but millions of adults are still illiterate and struggling every day with basic arithmetic problems. Jim Rose pointed to the fact that the current primary school curriculum needs to be slimmed down. But educational anorexia was never the answer for a better learning experience.

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