Pure Updates Flip Ultra Range With HD Goodness

Pure Digital, the makers of the Flip family of portable digital video camera, have announced a new model which adds HD recording capabilities to the device.

The Flip Ultra HD camera, which looks like an Apple iPod video, comes with HD 720p capabilities, meaning that it can record video at 30 fps (progressive scan) at a resolution of 1280x720 which is proper 16:9 widescreen.

The built-in, non upgradable 8GB memory means that you can capture at least 120 minutes of video (in high resolution) and more if you can afford to record at lower resolutions. Other neat features include a 2-inch no-glare screen as well as the capability of swapping the rechargeable batteries which are included in the Flip Ultra HD.

Users will be able to view their footage through the HDMI output but it is a shame that the recorder does not come with a HDTV cable. The Flip Ultra HD will go on sale for the US for $200, which means that it could well sell for around £175 in the UK.

Pure Digital has also released a SD version of the Ultra camera which shoots footage at VGA resolution (that's 640x480 pixels) and can record up to two hours on its 4GB internal memory. Unsurprisingly, it sells for much less than the HD version at £149.

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Our Comments

Pure digital is riding the wave of Youtube and other online video websites. The UltraHD camera might be thicker and bigger than the existing MinoHD range but it packs a few nice surprises including a much longer battery life as well as a bigger screen. Competitors like Kodak and Creative will surely come up with some nifty HD recorders of their own.

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