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Could Apple Be Thinking About Ditching Intel?

Speculations doing rounds on the internet seem to suggest that Apple Inc is closely considering the option of designing its own chipsets with rumours suggesting possible attempt to build a chip design team of seasoned industry veterans.

Incidentally the Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple may be seriously considering the idea of developing it own chipsets in order to prevent competitors from coming to know about its upcoming products.

It is interesting to note that Apple has placed a number of job openings on its website that relate to chip design and these developments are playing their part in fuelling the rumours.

Analysts point out that Apple may aim to improve certain key functionalities in its products by introducing its own chips and these may include achieve higher energy efficiency, improving graphic functionality and refining handwriting technology to name a few.

However some critics scoff at these rumours of Apple trying to make its own chip by pointing out that its relationship with Intel who currently supplies processors for Mac systems is very robust and just because it is hiring some chip designer can hardly be used to draw a conclusion.

Though only time will tell what Apple eventually decides to do, all these rumours do help Apple in increasing the buzz around its products.

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Our Comments

Apple purchased PA Semi a little more than one year ago and did not do so without having something at the back of their minds. Apple could possibly be looking at manufacturing their own mobile phone processors rather than ditching Intel completely. Still, they could buy AMD, an option that we suggested back in February 2009. The company is only worth $2.41 billion anyway.

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