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Vodafone Users Get Free Mobile Internet For A Day

Vodafone is celebrating Mayday and the release of a new 50p package by allowing all its Vodafone mobile phone customers to test drive the operator's network by giving then free access for a day.

From tomorrow, they will also be able to browse the internet and check their email for only 50p a day on PAYG and on pay monthly contracts. Obviously, this is valid only if you use your phone as a browser, not as a modem.

The offer ends at midnight today and those interested can find out more on Vodafone's free browsing page where you can also get your hands on the company's own MB usage calculator as well as a series of mobile internet demos.

Furthermore the promotion is for private non-commercial use only but you are allowed to use it to stream content from Youtube for example. Vodafone reserves the right to limit the service if it believes a particular user's usage is excessive. That said the daily usage limit is only 25MB, pretty low.

Vodafone users won't have to enable or activate any particular feature to use the free service for a day. Youtube is a popular destination according to Vodafone and Google is the 8th most searched word on Google by Vodafone users.

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Our Comments

Vodafone's offer is expensive. Virgin offers the same package for 30p per day while Three and T-Mobile go even further at only 17p a day when you go on a £5 monthly package which is better value for money. Three will even allow you to use your phone as a modem.. O2 offers free internet access on many packages as a free bolt on and charges £5 per month for it.

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