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Samsung Announces SMX-C14 and SMX-C10 Camcorders

Samsung is set to released a pair of "ergonomic" camcorders, the SMX-C14 and the SMX-C10 wich will feature the Korean manufacturer's distinctive Touch of Color (ToC) finish.

Both camcorders are expected to be launched in July 2009 for an estimated $300 for the C10 and $400 for the C14 (UK prices are unconfirmed). They will both come with the rather peculiar "Active Angle" lens, a feature that was introduced by the full HD R10 and which presents the camera's lens at a 25 degree angle to reduce wrist stress.

The C10 and C14 share the same battery, which allows for up to 160 minutes worth of footage to be recorded, a SDHC card slot, one-touch direct to Youtube upload via a computer and a 230K pixels 2.7-inch swiveling LCD.

There's also a 10x zoom with Hyper Image Stabilization and both models incorporate Samsung's Intelli-studio play-edit-sharing video program as well as H.264 compression.

The only difference between the two is the fact that the C14 has 16GB inbuilt storage. Samsung hasn't provided any details about whether they will have built in photo capabilities and if you didn't notice it, both the C10 and the C14 are standard definition camcorders, shooting at 720x480/60i. The upside of which you can record more footage per GB. Expect up to 12 hours on a 32GB card.

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Our Comments

So, how good or bad is the deal? A quick look over at Misco shows that Sanyo has a 10-megapixel HD Camcorder (opens in new tab) available on offer while Sony (opens in new tab) has a slightly more expensive camcorder with a 60x Carl Zeiss zoom and a 60GB hard disk. It is safe therefore to say that Samsung's offer will be successful, provided it is well priced.

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