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ASRock M3A790GXH/128M Motherboard

Although one doesn't have to upgrade from the Socket AM2+ motherboards for AMD's new AM3 processors to work if you're starting fresh going with a Socket AM3 based motherboard is probably the better way to go in the long run as DDR2 production ramps down prices are already starting to increase while DDR3 prices decrease.

Today we'll be taking a look at a new AM3 board from ASRock, the M3A790GXH/128M.

We don't normally touch upon the box too much but this one looks quite cool with a reflective hologram surface, vibrant bright red background and a silver Dragon representing AMD's Platform and holding Fusion.

All of the starbursts are also pretty well designed from a marketing standpoint, good job ASRock. This color is sure to get some people's attention if they're out at Fry's or another retailer.

Here's the back of the box which also features a hologram and technical information on the motherboard.

You can read the rest of the article over here.

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