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Google Quietly Adds New Search Features To Gmail

Search engine giant Google has spruced up the offerings of its email service Gmail by adding a search widget, which enables users to search the web without opening a new browser.

The new experimental feature, part of Gmail Labs, shows a search box onto the left side of Gmail inbox, entering search queries into which pops up a small window with handful of search results.

After clicking onto any of those results, users will be directed to a new window or tab, a blog post from software engineer Adam de Boor explained.

The feature can be enabled by clicking onto settings tab within the Gmail account, followed by selecting the Labs feature, and finally enabling the Google Search feature listed within.

Unlike the typical Google web search, Gmail Labs search window isn’t showing adverts initially. Perhaps this is because of its experimental status as ads could possibly be added with its official release.

The new feature, which aims at increasing the time users spend on Gmail, would help users to copy and insert any required URL and send it to others using email or Gmail chat.

In addition to the new search feature, Gmail users could now express better while chatting and emailing, as Google has further added a large number of emotions to the service.

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Our Comments

Gmail has now become pivotal to the lives of millions around the world and it is fitting that Google added enhanced search functionality to one of its most popular online services. Expect Google to add even more features to Gmail as it makes it even more important in its ecosystem.

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