£49.99 1and1 Business Server Dual Core, 4GB, 1TB, Unlimited Traffic

1&1 Managed Servers are the ideal option for busy professionals who want the ease of shared hosting but need the space and power of a dedicated server.

1&1 handles all the server administration and pre-installs features like MySQL Databases, Firewall protection, a GeoTrust Dedicated SSL Certificate, and advanced configuration tools.

1&1 Managed Server packages also include all of the intuitive site-building and marketing tools found in 1&1's top-of-the-line shared hosting plan. Plus, daily backup of your data is completely automated.

As of today, the current configuration includes the following specs: an Opteron 1218 HE DC CPU running at 2.6GHz, 4GB RAM, two 500GB HDD in software RAID-1 mode (no RAID-5), unlimited traffic and 100Mbps traffic.

1&1 will charge you £49.99 per month for the first six month and then £109.99 onwards. There is also a £99.99 setup fee and prices do exclude VAT.

You can buy this 1and1 Business Server for £49.99. You can also find similar deals from online price comparator.