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Firefox Developers Take On Each Other In Add-ons Row

The robust extension system of the Firefox web browser, which enables web developers to expand the browser’s capabilities, has recently created havoc as developers of two of its most popular add-ons conflicted over the functioning of their respective add-ons, causing some serious trouble to Firefox users.

In past few days, various online forums have seen loads of complaints that the renowned Firefox add-on NoScript and AdblockPlus no longer appear to work together. The recent update to version 1.9.2 of NoScript seems to have prompted AdblockPlus in letting many ad banners to pass through its ad filters.

Wladimir Palant, the author of AdblockPlus, in his blog post, attributed this to NoScript, and mentioned that the advertising-financed application NoScript has gone great lengths to make sure that adverts on its own site gets displayed to users.

Giorgio Maone, the author of script-filter add-on NoScript, eventually admitted adding a secret code that disrupted the features of AdblockPlus program, and extended his apologies for abusing faith of the users who had installed his software and for infringing Mozilla’s rules and regulations for add-on developers.

“I know I've done something horrible, creating a scandal like the Mozilla community never had faced before and betraying the trust of many, many people. Please help me to repair the damage I've caused with my errors”, he said.

However, the incident has prompted Mozilla to introduce some notable changes in the way it allows developers to write extensions for its web browser.

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Our Comments

Childish, that how one could call the behaviour of bad boy Maone. Mozilla has been quite lenient until now when it comes to the freedom given to plug-in developers who have been one of the main drivers of Firefox's success globally. That might soon change as Mozilla might be considering changes to the way extensions are written... for better or for worse.

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