£17.99 Kitvision 7" Digital Picture Photo Frame (Black)

This 7" digital photoframe allows you to store and view your digital pictures whenever you want. Choice of viewing modes available. The photoframe is simple and easy to use. Compatible with JPEG file format it supports SD,XD, MMC and MS memory cards.

Here is what a happy user said about the device " was lucky enough to buy one of these frames for the brilliant price of £17.99 when it was on offer but my sister was so impressed with mine she asked me to order one at £24.99 saying that it was worth every penny! She's right! I love the "rolling" mode as it changes from one picture to the next.....how do they do that? I was also amazed to discover that the frame had an internal memory of 8MB so you can store lots of your favourite photos on it and it's the perfect way to show off all your pics to friends and family. I must also add that I have had no problems at all with using my SD cards in the frame"


7" Analogue panel screen

Resolution: 320 x 234

Compatible with JPEG file format

Supports SD/XD/MMC/MS memory Cards

Slide show display mode

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