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Families Invest In Broadband Rather than Food and Utility Bills

According to a recent research published by telecom service provider O2, families in UK are more likely cut down on their food bills and school uniforms rather than reducing their spending on internet services.

The Digital Families report also throws up interesting insights into the changing attitudes of families with an increasing number of families embracing technology in whole hearted manner.

The report which incidentally surveyed 500 families across UK to base its study, found that nearly 40 percent of those surveyed were spending £3,000 per year on technology and gadgets.

Nearly 67 per cent of those surveyed would prefer to spend on technology, rather than on family holidays and weekly shops which were preferred by a meagre 30 percent and 24 percent of surveyed families.

The report also classifies families into four separate profiles namely Leaders, Resistors, Drifters and Followers; the Leaders as expected are families who are enthusiastic about new technology and are estimated to account for 5.5 million families in UK while Followers are typically families who take pragmatic approach to things they buy including technology products.

Resistors on the other hand are families who are not comfortable with technology despite having a number of technological products in their household while Drifters are typically undecided about technological products and prefer to purchase what their kids want.

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Our Comments

Broadband is cheap and, unlike school uniforms, can be used by the whole family. So there's really no reason to cut food bills to pay for your broadband. Talktalk for example has an excellent up to 8Mbps broadband line for £6.49, that's less than 22p a day while Plus offers a Plusnet Value deal which includes the cost of line rental at only £16.49 a month, hardly back breaking.

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