Jim Spooner : Understand And Manage Complex IT Managements

In this podcast, Jim Spooner, IT service management practice lead at GlassHouse Technologies (UK) explains how consultancy helps organisations consolidate, virtualise and manage their IT environments. GlassHouse focuses on the storage/data protection, security, virtualisation and data centre markets.

Jim explains how GlassHouse assists companies in the transition from ‘technology-driven’ to ‘service-driven’ IT infrastructure through TransomSM, a unique delivery framework comprised of software tools, proprietary methodologies and best-in-class consultants.

GlassHouse finds that organisations struggle to understand the complexity of their IT environments and how to effectively manage them. Organisations also need to analyse and record what they have in order to determine improvements.

IT departments often suggest they have low visibility and find it difficult to communicate with other areas of the business about what is needed and when. Jim discusses how IT departments can overcome these challenges and outlines the technologies we’ll see in future developments.

You can download this podcast by right clicking on this link and saving the appropriate file on your computer.