Foxconn BloodRAGE: LGA1366 Mainboard for True Enthusiasts

Foxconn solutions have become so widely spread that very often we don’t even notice them.

However paradoxical that might seem. The processor socket on your mainboard is most likely marked with “Foxconn” brand, and even the board itself may have come off the Foxconn production lines, even if it was sold under a different brand name.

Of course, the company was hardly happy about this state of things. In 2007, within their new branding campaign, Foxconn launched a new family of products for overclockers called Quantum Force series.

All mainboards in this series had their own unique names: MARS, BLACKOPS, DESTROYER, AVENGER. They were based on different chipsets but boasted extensive functionality and advanced fine-tuning and overclocking-friendly features, much more sophisticated that what the regular mainboards had to offer.

Today we are glad to introduce to you one more Quantum Force series solution – a mainboard called Foxconn BloodRAGE. It is based on the newest Intel X58 Express chipset and supports contemporary Intel Core i7 processors.

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