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Prince Charles Emulates Brown With Youtube Stint

In a move that is sure to warm the hearts of environmentalists, Prince Charles has released his first ever YouTube video which is aimed at increasing the awareness of dangers that rainforest face today.

The 90 second video clip also includes many other celebrities along with Princes William and Harry and it makes a sincere effort at highlighting the dangers of deforestation and vociferously argues the case of saving them.

The issue of tropical deforestation has since long been on the agenda of various governments and with Prince Charles lending his voice to the cause, many believe that local governments and international agencies working in those regions may increase their efforts to preserve the invaluable rainforests.

The video makes for a rather interesting viewing thanks to the passionate cameo appearances made celebrities such as Harrison Ford, Dalai Lama and Pele besides having a computer generated big green frog in its cast, who displays a great sense of comic timing.

The video since being released on YouTube has been able to receive a substantial number of views in just one day and going by the popularity it is achieving, one can only wish it does its bit saving the rain forests.

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Our Comments

The future King of England will be following in the footsteps of the Queen, his mother, by embracing new technology.

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