Business Continuity Or Risk Management – Heads Or Tails?

Why is it that in organisations which have the luxury of having both a business continuity Manager and a Risk Manager, more often than not the two see their roles as being completely separate? And, as a result, they don’t talk to each other very much.

There’s often a debate about whether risk management is part of business continuity management or vice-versa.

But whichever camp you’re in, the bottom line is that you just can’t have an effective business continuity capability without managing your risks.

And you can’t have effective risk management without a business continuity strategy and plan.

Business continuity management and risk management are two sides of the same coin. Business continuity management is essentially a combination of risk management and contingency planning.

And risk management involves contingency planning as a key mitigation method for certain types of risk.

However you look at it, business continuity management and risk management are inextricably linked and, like love and marriage, you can’t have one without the other – at least not if you want your business continuity management and risk management to be anything like effective.