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Google Android 1.5 Cupcake Available to UK Users

Google in association with T- Mobile has started to roll out the latest version of its mobile phone operating system, Android 1.5, to users in UK and it comes loaded with a number of features including an improved ability to effortlessly record videos and seamlessly upload them to YouTube.

Some of the notable features that the update is likely to bring includes batch editing capabilities, ability to shortlist multiple emails and send them to archive along with capability to publish photos onto the Picasa Web Albums with ease.

The updates will be automatically carried out and users are not required to take any action.

However the most anticipated feature of this cupcake update is its improved capacity to take video; capturing a video with the Android 1.5 platform is expected to become as easy as snapping a picture and

you will just need to turn the recorder on and off as needed.

That apart after you have captured the video, you can also upload it onto YouTube and can also share it with other via MMS or email; in addition it also lets you to add a small caption which will allow you to convey your thoughts with the video

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Our Comments

Google has a very small window of opportunity with the release of G2 and now Android Cupcake 1.5. This will last until the iPhone version 2009 gets launched in June but Android's saviour will only come from an increased number of smartphones later this year.

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