UK Average Broadband Speed Reaches 4Mbps

According to a recent report published by, the average speed of broadband in UK has sprinted past the 4Mbps mark in April 2009.

In what many consider as a watershed moment in the growth of broadband in UK, the average broadband speed for last month stood at an impressive 4.137Mbps.

Experts argue that an increase in average broadband speed augurs well for online business and plays an enabling role in increasing the volume of commerce on the internet.

The website apparently tests 11 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) including the likes of BT, Virgin Media and Tiscali to name a few. The highest average download speed of over 6 Mbps was provided by Virgin Media while O2 came a close second.

Commenting on the accuracy of test, a spokesperson mentioned “We record tens of thousands of speed tests every month [but] unlike other speed test services we record the Internet Service Provider (ISP) by IP address making our ISP recording very accurate rather than relying on self selection.”

Incidentally the website also has started testing a new aspect related to capacity of ISPs to actually achieve the maximum speed available to them and here again Virgin Media has received the top honours.

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