US Defense Details On Sale On Ebay Hard Disks

In another shocking incident of loss of confidential data which can have adverse consequences on national security for the United States, sensitive details related to an advanced US missile defence system has been found on a second hand computer in California.

The purported information evidently included extensive information about Lockheed Martin which is a leading defence contractor and it also apparently includes details regarding test launch procedures along with highly sensitive blueprints of key infrastructure facilities and images.

In addition the data also contains personal data about employees working on the project and even includes their social security numbers.

Experts argue that in case such sensitive data were to fall in the wrong hands, severe consequences for Lockheed Martin would have arisen and even the employees would have been exposed to security threats.

It is important to note that Lockheed Martin is working on the high priority Terminal High Altitude Area Defence system which is expected serve as a crucial element in the missile defence plans.

Leakage of sensitive data related to important national security projects have always been a concern for many countries and the sheer fact that such data can be found on second hand computers should spur governments and corporations to enforce stringent data security policies.

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Our Comments

Discarding old hardware is still a crucial issue for the technology industry. The fact though that sensitive data from the US defense found its way to the auction website is very worrying. The story still needs to be unravelled but hopefully the government will have taken the necessary steps to close any loopholes.

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