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Spotify Denies £9.99 Unlimited Monthly Download Plans

Swedish online streaming startup Spotify has rubbished ideas that it was going to launch a £9.99 unlimited download deal, similar to Comes With Music, the no-limit download package introduced by Nokia.

Reports first appeared in online magazine Revolution but Spotify quickly denied any such claims saying that the rumours were 100 percent untrue (although we have to say that it is a rather inviting idea).

However, Spotify spokesperson told tech site Pocket-lint that "Spotify's core aim is to provide a user-friendly music streaming service with the added flexibility of offering paid-for downloads in partnership with our external partners. That is not set to change".

Spotify already has an ongoing partnership with online music retailer 7Digital that allows its users to click-and-buy more than 6 million tracks directly from Spotify's application.

The offer was going to allow subscribers to store as many downloads as they want on their computers for a limited period. Comes With Music, in contrast, allows users to keep the music tracks indefinitely.

There were further rumours that Spotify would start to beef up its offerings on the mobile front. Daniel Ek, the CEO of Spotify, apparently told Revolution that the company was in taks with mobile network operators and mobile phone manufacturers to offer Spotify as part of a package.

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Our Comments

There are a few things that came up in this story. Firstly, someone seems to be clearly lying; in this case, either Spotify's CEO or one of the journos from Brandrepublic. We won't question the motives behind the story for now though. Then there's the fact that unlimited downloads (or at least some unlimited song access) is the way forward. Spotify's success clearly shows this with more than one million users subscribing over the last few months.

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