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Virgin Media Denies Interest in Broadband Wholesale

Claims that Virgin Media could be interested in opening its super fast fiber optic broadband network to its rivals have been rejected by the company.

Rumours emerged that the cable company would be interested in allowing third party companies to use excess network capacity to generate revenue after a report in the Guardian.

A spokesperson for Virgin Media told ITProPortal that "the report does not reflect Virgin Media's position and we have no plans to develop a wholesale proposition. In the context of the government's digital Britain initiative and Ofcom's recent review of next generation access, we have considered a range of strategic options but currently remain focused on delivering market leading retail services."

"Specifically in regard to broadband, we have 3.7 million+ customers - far ahead of Sky and ahead of the most recent published figures for BT which is why we say we are the largest residential provider."

In related news, Virgin Media has also said that it will be cutting 322 jobs in a bid to save £120 million by 2012. But in parallel, 150 new jobs are expected to be created as the company seeks to centralise its technical support services. The job cuts, it is understood, will be part of Virgin Media's plans last year that they would cut 2200 jobs.

Virgin Media has emerged relatively unscathed from the recession until now and has received some cookie points over the past few months for testing a 200Mbps broadband (amongst the fastest in Europe), the commercial release of its 50Mbps, the phasing out of its 2Mbps broadband offer, free Goodies (V Stuff), moving its users to Gmail, getting iPlayer HD on the V+ Box and more.

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