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Google Debuts First TV Advert Campaign Ever

Google has showed its faith in television - as a medium - by launching its first TV ad campaign ever in the US to promote its free web browser, Chrome.

The campaign is an attempt by Google to grab the short attention span of millions as it tries to compete with Microsoft, Firefox and Safari in the increasingly crowded market of free browsing applications.

Google will be using its Google TV Ads network for the current campaign, looking also to prove the point that the system really works and allows "the most effective positioning for their TV ad campaign".

The stop-animation advert shows a rolling Chrome Logo knocking wooden bricks around a blue frame - which represents the browser's window frame - and slowly displaying some of Chrome's most significant features like the address bar and the tabs. it ends up asking the viewer to install Google Chrome.

Google has had Google text links promoting Chrome ever since the browser was released and the company did put Chrome on its search page in December, which had a significant impact on the rate of adoption.

But Google still lies far, far behind Firefox and Internet explorer with only 1.4 percent - that's around one in every seventy - of all internet users actually opting for Google Chrome.

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Our Comments

It is slightly ironic that the advertising media that Google is actually looking to displace in the next few years could well end up helping the search giant promote one of its most valuable assets. Google promoted it on Youtube through a series a short films as well and currently pushed it as a "minimal design with sophisticated technology".

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