Microsoft Uses Google World Domination Threat To Influence EU Decision

Microsoft may be trying to push forward the argument that Google could become an all-too-powerful entity if Microsoft is prevented from developing its Internet browser freely.

According to some well placed sources close to Microsoft's legal team who talked to the New York Times, the company will put forward that both Chrome and Firefox ultimately benefit Google and only serve to cement the company's domination in the search-advertising industry.

“Not only would Google’s browser Chrome suddenly be on all Windows PCs, but it would strengthen Google’s dominance in search advertising”. The European Union wants other alternative browsers to be promoted on Microsoft's operating system which controls more than 90 percent of the market.

Mozilla, the company behind Firefox, has a long going agreement with Google which makes its search engine the default one. Microsoft will face the European Commission legal team on the 3rd of June and will try to defend its current stance as it tries to avoid a heavy fine.

Opera Software, makers of the popular Opera browser, were the first to lodge a complain against Microsoft over its Internet browser, and has since been backed by all of Microsoft's main competitors who see the software giant hegemony as a threat to their own businesses.

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Internet Explorer share of the market fell down to 66 percent in April according to web analyst firm Net Applications. This is significantly less than the share of Windows in the market right now. The other significant variable that's left out is the fact that Internet Explorer is nowhere as popular in the mobile market where Opera and Safari are the most prominent.

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