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Nokia To Kit Out Ovi Store With 20,000 Items At Launch

It seems like that Nokia plans to start its much awaited Nokia Ovi Store with more than 20,000 featured items which will include both applications and media files.

The store will also feature a recommendation engine which can offer personalized suggestions to its users regarding applications as per their choice or based on apps that are owned by their family and friends; in addition it will also offer localised applications to its users based on Nokia’s proprietary location sensing technology.

Incidentally, an Ovi Store app is expected to come preloaded on Nokia's N97 handset while the recently launched S60 handsets users can look forward to install it once the store comes operational near the end of this month.

Analysts believe that the Nokia Ovi Store, which incidentally is aimed at competing with Apple’s App Store, will be able to quickly move up the popularity charts thanks to a huge base of Nokia users spread across the world.

The fact that Nokia has decided to launch the store with 20,000 items as opposed just 500 apps that Apple’ App store could manage at launch, also gives an indication of the value that this store would have in Nokia’s overall growth plans.

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Our Comments

Nokia's long term future successes hinges partly on its grand plan to (re)release Ovi. The online service will allow Nokia to catch up with Apple - that's the plan. But, Nokia's execution has not been exemplary as of lately. Comes with Music for example has yet to be released on the 5800XM in the UK, a rather indefensible decision given that the smartphone is the best selling media player in the UK.

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