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Amazon Updates Kindle Store For iPhone Users

In an attempt to increase the audience of its e-book market, Amazon has introduced a new version of its Kindle Store that is designed for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch and its interface is tailored towards interface of their touch screens.

Though most people agree that Amazon’s own Kindle reader is a more appropriate device for reading e-books, the fact the screen size that iPhone and iPod touch offers is also suitable for short duration general reading may have encouraged Amazon to take this step besides the fact that it can tap a whole new market.

Amazon believes that its new application complements reading with Kindle as a reader can save and synchronize their bookmarks across Kindle, iPhone and thus read some pages on their iPhone and later pickup from the same page on Kindle.

It is important to note that just last month Amazon has bought Lexcycle, the creator of Stanza e-book reader, an application specifically designed for Apple devices and many believe that Amazon plans to use its technology in offering optimum access to the Kindle Store.

The latest strategy from Amazon indicates a vision of following a multi platform strategy that would allow it to tap a large audience for its electronic books while still retaining the competitive advantage of its Kindle e-book reader.

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Our Comments

Amazon is growing its business by making use of all the tools available within its reach. This includes trying to get its ebooks on Apple's iPhone at all cost and that means a better ebook delivery service, hence an updated Kindle store. Mobile phone manufacturers will always outnumber ebook readers which means that it would have been suicidal for Amazon to ignore them.

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