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Microsoft Office 2010 Test Version To Be Rolled Out In July 2009

Microsoft has announced at its TechEd event that it will be launching an invitation-only CTP (Community Technical Preview) program for the next version of Office in July 2009.

The forthcoming version of Microsoft's Flagship business suite, Office 2010, will apparently be a less dramatic departure from the shift from Office 2003 to Office 2007 which saw a major user interface change together with a slew of new file formats.

Instead, the software giant will start the inexorable migration of some of its most popular applications - Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Onenote - to the online realm, in the form of a new suite called Office Web Applications. Outlook already exists online through Office Outlook Web Access.

Punters can already apply to test the next release of Office 2010 which will include Word, Excel, Outlook Powerpoint, OneNote, Communicator, Access, Infopath and Publisher, all in their 2010 version.

Those who register will be considered for the technical preview program and will be waitlisted for consideration to be invited into the TPP by early July.

Microsoft has also start publishing a new Microsoft Office 2010 IT bLog which will be the official blog of the Microsoft Office product blog. The second post provides with a few more insights as well.

Office 2010 will be the first one to come in 32-bit and 64-bit versions, it will run on XP SP3, Vista and Windows 7 and will be resource-friendly enough to run on on hardware four or five years old.

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Our Comments

Office 2010 has been in private alpha testing since January 2009 and will be Microsoft's second most important release in less than one year (and the most important in 2010). Details regarding Microsoft Office 2010 are very scant for now and only a few screen captures have emerged from Microsoft.

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