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Nintendo Wii Fit Remains Favourite Amongst Gamers' Wishlist

In a major achievement, Nintendo has maintained its hold on all the three top spots on Chart-Track's U.K. platform specific sales for the second continuous week, with its popular exercise Wii Fit keeping the top honours.

The strong showing from Nintendo Wii Fit with over 18.22 million units mark a new high for company which seeks to establish its prominence in the gaming world.

Incidentally this marks the 15th time that Wii Fit has managed to top the UK listings and there is a good chance that it will be able to retain the spot for another three weeks which will make it the most successful chart topper of all times by beating the current record held by Eidos' Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

Among other entries that made into the top ten list on the chart this week are Sega’s Mario along with the Sonic at the Olympic Games which seems to rising strongly in the popularity charts.

Nintendo also added another feather to its cap when its Nintendo’s Rhythm Paradise managed to make a debutant entry into the top ten list and this well rounded performance from Nintendo is surely going to warm the heart of its game developers who already have a pipeline of new games in the offing.

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Our Comments

The Wii Fit is a wonderful peripheral that shows the ingenuity of Nintendo and the versatility of the Wii platform. The Wii also tops the wedding wish list of many, many couples according to John Lewis.

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